About Emily

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After 7 years of practicing law and many more working in law-related fields, I finally embraced the fact that my heart and soul belonged to animals and not to courtrooms, law libraries, or billable hours. I began to do part-time pet sitting in 1999 and finally committed to it full time in early 2004 when I went into business in Pasadena, California.

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This was not a radical career change. It was a return to my roots, because I have always been animal-crazy. Thanks to understanding and patient parents, I have shared my life with horses, rabbits, gerbils, mice, newts, fish, and even an iguana. Of course, I have shared my life with dogs and cats as well!

Having used dog walkers and pet sitters myself during my law days, I understand the need for top-notch pet care and the consequences of poor pet care. I have been there, and I understand. Because of these experiences, I am dedicated to giving the best pet care possible.

Message from Emily

As the owner of Ready Set Pets, pictured here with my best friend and better half Cosmo, it is important to me that you know how very seriously I take my responsibilities. That is why I am including my personal Declaration of Principles in my website.

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Emily and Cosmo Davis


My clients trust me with their home and their possessions, and, above all, they trust me with their pets. I realize the full importance of this trust placed in me, and it is my goal to be worthy of this trust.

I therefore make the following
Declaration of Principles to all of my clients:

1.) I will make the safety, health, and well being of your pets my priority, and I will provide this with love, affection, and a sense of humor.

2.) I will treat you, your home, and your property with respect and consideration.

Thank you, and let me know how I can help with your pet care needs!