Service Areas:

Ready Set Pets provides service to Pasadena, CA, and its environs. If there is a service that you need that you do not see listed, please inquire.

Dog Walking:

Most dog owners lead very busy lives, work extended hours, and often just don’t have enough time in the day to give their dogs the exercise and socialization they need in order to be happy and healthy members of the family.

Ready Set Pets offers 30 minute, 45 minute, or hour-long neighborhood walks as well as local hikes and excursions. I can accommodate your busy schedule.

I also offer puppy care visits, which are vital to maintaining the potty training schedule of your newest family member. Aside from potty breaks and playtime, I can practice basic obedience, and I will clean up any puppy-related “incidents.”

Pet Sitting:

Have you ever been faced with the problem of traveling out of town and having to decide how to care for your beloved dog, cat or other critter? We can't always count on friends or relatives to be available, and even if they are, they may not have the time to give your pet the quality care and attention he deserves. Boarding facilities can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and unsanitary, and they may expose your pet to illness or parasites.

Ready Set Pets provides pet care in the comfort of your own home where your pets feel safe and secure.

Cats are especially sensitive to being taken out of their environment and having their routines disturbed. Cats can seem very independent, but they are dependent on us to give them a sense of security and well-being.

A cat left on his own for too long can become bored and get into a lot of trouble. Even cats who go into hiding when their owner is out of town are accustomed to human contact. When left alone for an extended time, they can become depressed and stop eating.

Ready Set Pets will come to your home and provide loving care for your cat while you're away. In my care, your cat:
Stays in his secure, familiar environment, where veterinary professionals agree he is healthiest and happiest.
Follows his usual routine for diet, medication, playtime, brushing, and litter cleaning and changing.
Avoids kennel trauma and the exposure to illness from other animals.
Receives individual attention from a professional who always has your cat's welfare foremost in mind.

Ready Set Pets can care for your dog in the comfort of his own home. In my care, your dog:
Can have up to three visits a day, including early morning and later evening visits.
Will go on walks and will get lots of love, hugs and playtime.
Follows his usual routine for diet, medication, playtime, brushing, and gets to sleep in his own bed (or sofa or chair.)
Avoids kennel trauma and the exposure to illness from other animals.

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Other Critters:
Ready Set Pets will happily care for your Horse, Rabbit, Bird, Hamster, Bird, Snake, Lizard, Fish, Poison Dart Frog, or whatever animal you share your life with.

Home Security Check:
Ready Set Pets can provide a home security check. This may include:
The collection of mail, newspapers, and packages.
Watering of indoor and outdoor plants.
Rotation of lights, and turning the television or radio on and off, and adjusting your draperies & blinds to give your home a lived-in look
Trash can curb service.

An additional fee may apply if these services are particularly time consuming.

Initial Consultation or Meet and Greet:

There is no charge for this visit. During this time, I will:
Get the chance to meet you and your pet and determine if we will be a good pet-sitting or dog-walking match by getting to know each other.
Answer any questions or concerns you may have about me, Ready Set Pets, or pet sitting in general.
Create a dog-walking or pet-sitting schedule that’s right for you and your pet.
Fill out an information form, read and sign a contract, and you will provide me with keys.

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