Ready Set Pets is a professional dog walking and in-home pet sitting service owned and operated by Emily Davis. I offer an old-fashioned approach to pet care: hard work, honesty, and reliability.

I have been tending to the dogs, cats, and other critters of Pasadena and its environs since 2004. I am fully insured and bonded, including liability, theft, and care and custody of pets. I will provide your pet with the same care, companionship, and attention you give him. From your daily work schedule to a weekend getaway to a well-deserved vacation, leave the pet care to me.

To stop worrying about your dog while you're at work?
Knowing that someone you trust will be there to spend time with your dog will set your mind at ease.
To be able to stay at work to finish a project or assignment or go directly from work to run errands, go to the gym, or even do something fun?
Dinner visits give you the flexibility you need.
To alleviate your dog's anxiety, boredom, or restlessness while you're out of the house?
A tired dog is a happy dog, and regular mid-day walks can work wonders.
Your dog to lose weight, get in shape, and be healthier?
Together we can create an exercise plan to help your dog look and feel better than ever.
Help with your dog while you're laid up at home with an injury or illness?
Call on us for any help you need during a tough time.
To keep up with your puppy's house training?
One or more visits during the day will keep your puppy on track and can include basic training and socialization as well as fun.
Chauffeur service to your pet's groomer or vet?
Let us do the driving.
To avoid the risk of exposing your pet to parasites or illness at a boarding or day care facility?
In-home pet sitting avoids these risks and keeps your pet in the environment you know and trust.
To come home after a trip to your pet instead of an empty house?
We'll have your pet waiting for you!
To keep your cat home where he is comfortable and avoid the stress of boarding him?
Cats do better in their own environment, and boarding can be risky to your cat both emotionally and physically.
To avoid the hassle of picking up your pet at a boarding facility, a slave to their hours?
In-home pet sitting eliminates this problem, and you'll never again be home while your best friend is waiting in a kennel.
Your house to look lived-in while you are away?
Services include: mail, package, and newspaper pick-up, trash to and from the curb, door and window security checks, light and blind/curtain alternation, indoor and outdoor plant watering.

A few cat friends: